Born in 1961 in Paris from a mother decorator and a Scottish father publicist and painter, Valérie DRUMMOND has grown up in an artistic environment. She studied at the Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs (U.C.A.D.) and worked for a while as freelance in advertising.

Then, willing to work on clay, she attended Marie-Louise GALLAWAY classes. Marie-Louise GALLAWAY is a great ceramist and sculptor in Suresnes. At the same time, Valérie DRUMMOND begun copper engraving at the Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

At the Beaux-Arts in Valenciennes, she met Henry-Paul DERICKE (Grand Prix de Rome 1952) and followed his education for two years. Then, he advised her to show her work. And in 1998, she managed her first exhibition of terracotta and bronze.


Back to Paris, she attended Manfredi QUARTANA living model classes for three years at Henri IV. In 2002, Blanchet-Landowski Foundry dedicated a all exhibition to her work.
Valérie DRUMMOND has been working there with her team ever since.

Her Sculpture, at the beginning figurative, is getting more and more symbolic and poetic.Human and Nature are still her main topics. Since 2004, she has been creating her own furniture in bronze and glass. Her tables and consoles invite to chat and gather. Nowadays,she also creates silver jewelry-sculptures.

She did four exhibitions at the Grand Palais in four years on the occasion of Art en Capital -Salon Comparaisons.She was in Gérard RAMON team (Baudry Price - Fondation Taylor).

In VENEZIA VIVA workshop in Venice, she discovered again one of her old passions : woodcut.

Ever since, Valérie DRUMMOND sculpts in her workshop, Cherche-Midi street in Paris.